Torrance Courthouse Los Angeles

Torrance Courthouse Los Angeles


The Torrance Courthouse is located at 825 Maple Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503.   The Torrance courthouse is actually made up of two separate buildings.   The smaller court or the “annex” is located behind the main courthouse and this court handles traffic ticket matters exclusively.    The larger building at the front of the property handles DUI cases and all felony and misdemeanor criminal matters.


If you are headed to the Torrance Courthouse, parking is available next to the the courthouse for free.  Free parking is also located in the surrounding area if you are willing to make a short walk.  If you have a criminal, DUI, or traffic matter pending in the Torrance Courthouse, it may be cost effective to send a lawyer on your behalf.  A lawyer experienced in traffic and criminal law can often save you enough money to cover their own fees, saving you time, effort, and damage on your record.

Additional Information

The traffic clerk at the Torrance courthouse is notoriously busy.   Lines can be over 2 hours most days of the week.   The traffic clerk’s office in Torrance includes both the court clerks as well as the dreaded collection agency of GC Services for those unfortunate enough to have a failure to appear or FTA which may be holding or suspending your California Drivers License or even an out of state license.    For many people, the visit to the courthouse starts with waiting over an hour in line, only to be told when your reach the clerk that you actually need to go the window to the left to deal with GC Services.   The clerk for the criminal and limited civil divisions is located in the main larger courthouse and features equally slow and understaffed customer service.  Most days the criminal and civil clerk’s office will have a good line going and only one employee at each window.

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Why do we ask for your Date of Birth and Driver's License Number?

When contacting the Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher, we ask you for your D.O.B. and DL# to look up your traffic violation(s) information. With this information, we’ll be able to give you accurate details about your case and how we’re able to help you when we contact you.