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Personal Injury: Car Accidents and Proving Fault

Understanding the factors that determine who is to blame for a car, motorcycle, or bicycle accident can be key in filing your personal injury claims. As with any type of accident, finding fault in a traffic accident is a matter of deciding who was careless or “negligent.” In most cases, common sense will prevail, butContinue Reading

An Expert Witness Defined: A Beginner’s Guide

It is difficult to imagine anything simpler than the definition of an expert witness – someone who can help the jury understand something, some aspect of the factual dispute, or possibly even an ultimate fact that the jury must decide on. California Evidence Code §720 defines an expert as a person qualified to testify basedContinue Reading

The Aggravated White Collar Crime Enhancement: the Freeze and Seize Power of the Government

In 1995, the California Legislature enacted Penal Code §186.11 to add two arrows to the quiver of prosecuting attorneys. Penal Code §186.11 can sting a defendant in two ways: The first holds additional incarceration and fines over a defendant’s head. The second arrow of this section is potentially more damaging to a defendant and hisContinue Reading

Is Medical Marijuana Finally “Truly Legal” in California? How Worried Should You Be If You’re a Dispensary or Collective?

It is well known that California initiatives and legislation have provided for medical marijuana to be legal in California. But did you know that until very recently, medical marijuana collectives and growers still faced unpredictable raids from the federal government? Indeed, some still believe raids and enforcement activity are likely to continue, despite numerous reforms alreadyContinue Reading

Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter and Child Abuse Central Index

Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter Child Protective Services was called because an allegation was made that you touched your step-daughter’s private parts or her breast, i.e., sexual abuse of step-daughter.  Your step-daughter might be 15 years old or 3 years old.  The allegation may have come from your step-daughter directly or from her mother.  CPS cameContinue Reading