Burbank Courthouse Los Angeles

Burbank Courthouse Los Angeles


Lommel The Burbank Courthouse or Los Angeles Superior Court in Burbank, California is located at 300 E Olive, Burbank, CA 91502.   Located just East of the 5 Freeway, you have made your way North of Downtown LA but not quite to the San Fernando Valley to arrive at this courthouse. This courthouse handles DUIcriminal and traffic matters for arrests and citations issued in Burbank, CA and the surrounding cities.   The Burbank criminal court covers a little bit of everything from petty theft, to domestic violence, from drug possession to DUI.


Araranguá Free parking at the Burbank courthouse is available on residential streets in the surrounding area. Free parking is also available for limited durations in neighboring garages and in the lot in front of the Burbank courthouse.

Additional Information

Burbank traffic court is heard in Department 1 and can get extremely crowded. The line for the traffic clerks window is often more than a half hour wait. The reason people are willing to get up at 5AM and wait in line to get into traffic court like it’s Best Buy on Black Friday is that they are trying to have holds released from their drivers license without paying GC Services. Others are simply confused about their options on what to do with a traffic ticket, or possibly looking for an extension due to an inability to pay the ticket. Many others received what they feel to be an unfair ticket and wish to see a judge to fight the ticket. If you find yourself in a suspended license situation and you would like to get it cleared as cheaply and efficiently as possible while minimizing the damage to your traffic record and potentially your criminal record, you should contact an experienced LA traffic attorney.

The court is staffed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, several local prosecuting agencies and the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office. With a relatively small caseload in comparison to other LA courthouses, newer construction, and easy freeway access, the Burbank courthouse is one of the nicer courthouses in Los Angeles County.

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Why do we ask for your Date of Birth and Driver's License Number?

When contacting the Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher, we ask you for your D.O.B. and DL# to look up your traffic violation(s) information. With this information, we’ll be able to give you accurate details about your case and how we’re able to help you when we contact you.