When Health and Safety Code 11550(c) comes in handy

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Health and Safety Code 11550(c) states:

c) The court may, when it would be in the interest of justice, permit any person convicted of a violation of subdivision (a) punishable under subdivision (a) or (b) to complete a licensed drug rehabilitation program in lieu of part or all of the imprisonment in the county jail. As a condition of sentencing, the court may require the offender to pay all or a portion of the drug rehabilitation program.

This section of the code came in handy in Ventura County recently when I was dealing with a case where a client was charged with H&S 11550(a) and had plead to PC 1000, but failed to complete the program because he checked into an in patient facility in another state for his own best interest.  When I appeared for the client and asked the judge to substitute the in patient program in lieu of all of the imprisonment in county jail that was due because he didn’t complete PC1000 as ordered (under H&S 11550(c)), the judge agreed and saved my client from doing any jail time.

Situations like these arise from time to time and with a good understanding of the H&S Code and the California Penal Code, I do my best to help my clients avoid jail time in situations where they have failed to complete court ordered programs.  If you are in this type of sitaution or have other legal issues, call The Law Offices of Matthew J. Cohen today at 818-294-1922 for a free consultation.

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