What’s The Minimum Fine For A DUI In California?

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Attorney Christopher J McCannThe state of California enforces stiff penalties for those convicted of DUI. These consequences may include loss of driver license, community service, rehab courses, probation, jail time, and fines. People often ask about the minimum fine for DUI in California. The amounts vary according to the number of offense. Here is some basic information regarding the minimum fines for DUI in California which you may find helpful.

buy antabuse canada California First offense DUI fines

First offense DUI in the state of California is punishable with large fines. If found guilty of driving under the influence a first time offender is normally required to pay fines ranging between $1400 and $1800. These fines are in addition to three to five years probation, 48 hours of jail time, and a six month license suspension.

http://pjeng.balticdesign.uk/63297-ivermectin-for-dogs-hookworms-89270/ Fines for second offense DUI in the state of California

Those who commit a second offense DUI in California may expect fines of $1800 to $2800. As well, three to five years probation, and mandatory 96 hours of jail time is enforced. License are lost for a two year period.

long Third offense California DUI fines

Third offense DUI comes with fines of $1800 to $2800. Offenders may also incur three to five years of probation and mandatory jail time of 120 days.

Quickborn Fourth offense DUI fines in the state of California

Fourth offense DUI is classified as a felony. Offenders receive $1800 to $2800 in fines. They are also subject to spend up to three years in state prison.

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