The Weird, Strange & Crazy Laws In California That Still Exist

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Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest Post By: Christopher J McCann To Share Some Weird, Strange & Crazy Laws In California That You Won’t Believe Still Exist. 

Getting a driver’s license in California or in any state is a privilege and not a right. There is an education base that needs to be the foundation for knowing the rules of the road and how to actually drive a car. Once the requirements have been met from the educational viewpoint to the actual driving test a driver’s license can be issued. The rules of the road have to be obeyed or traffic citations may be given if spotted by a police officer.

However, there are some weird, strange & crazy laws in California that defy logic that a lot of people are not aware of. I will detail a list of three of those laws that need to be changed.

1. Topi Speeding Without a Driver 

It is against the law for a vehicle to exceed 60 MPH without a driver. Until a car can drive under a remote control device, no one person would be charged in this case.

2. Gragnano Jumping Out of The Car While Driving

Getting out of a car at 65 mph is illegal. The circumstances of something like this happening also are highly improbable.

3. where can i buy Ivermectin Hand Signals While Driving 

Hand signals needed when slowing down. There is a law that states that no person should drastically reduce the speed of a vehicle in order to stop without giving an appropriate indication of that action. This could mean the use of brake lights or hand signals.

If charged for any of the weird, strange & crazy laws in California that are still on the books, then an experienced attorney must be retained to bring sense to the court system. Being cited for a law that is beyond reasoning still needs to be brought to the attention of the courts with proper protocol.

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