Telephone line lets you record your encounter with law enforcement.

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Cop recorder is a program on the Iphone and the Android which lets you record your encounter with law enforcement.  DUI Checkpoints in California has become hostile and very aggressive. However, citizens are now taking a stand with the Openwatch App.

cytotec overnight without prescription This app has allowed me to uncover bullying tactics at a Garden Grove DUI checkpoint, this app was also used to record an officer talking casually about “148 a guy to the ground” 148 is a term used for resisting arrest which usually justifies an officer using additional force. You have to listen to t the recording to hear the context. Most recently recorded an illegal search at a San Diego DUI Checkpoint.

Hulan Ergi Not everyone has a smartphone and some people still have Blackberries so the makers at Openwatch came up with this number.  All you need to do is save it on your phone and call it when you have an encounter. The number is 217-238-6300

It is an invaluable tool when dealing with law enforcement.  In the end of the encounter, it will be the police officers word against yours.  However, with this app you will be able to preserve your encounter with the police officer for future records to protect yourself. Once called in, the line will auto record and preserve your encounter.  The preserved is used because even if they do a Miami on you and destroy your phone, Openwatch will still have it on their end. 

how to buy ivermectin I urge your to come out and protect yourself and record what is going on. We need to build up a record to send to our elected officials.

As a side note to police officers, you have nothing to worry about if you do your job without the bully tactics and conduct yourselves honestly. By honestly, I mean write in your report what you really see.  No more smelling alcoholic beverage  where there is none, no more blood shot watery eyes where there isnt any, and any other template writing.


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