Got an old California traffic ticket in collections? Don’t pay it!

Seroquel buy If you have an old California traffic ticket in collections in the California Court system, you probably think it’s a money problem.   You want to pay off the ticket, but you just don’t have the cash.   GC Services, Alliance One, or any other 3rd party collection agency contracted by the courts tend to demand about […]

Red Light Camera Tickets in LA The rules on Red Light Camera Tickets in LA are changing every day.   Do you have to pay them?  Can you ignore red light camera tickets in LA?  Are they legal? Illegal?  What if I got mine in Van Nuys Traffic Court?  How about the Beverly Hills Courthouse?  Is that part of the LA court […]

What is a 40509.5 hold? How do I clear a hold?

40509.5 Hold- How to Clear a 40509.5 hold and get your license back Is your license suspended from a 40509.5 hold? Want to get it back?  When you miss a court date on a California Traffic Ticket, the court has several options which include issuing a warrant, adding a new misdemeanor charge pursuant to  VC […]