Navigating the California Criminal Court System

Last week I got a call from a client, we can call her Lisa. That’s not her name but we have this whole confidentiality and attorney client privilege thing going on so for purposes of this blog, she is just going to have to be Lisa. Anyway, Lisa just got out of the Orange County […]

Alternative Sentencing in California

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Avoiding jail is a goal of almost every client so alternative sentencing is always a popular topic. Due to family and work commitments a jail sentence can often involve losing more than just the time served. Alternative sentencing is not available in every case and every case is different but our office strives to find […]

Orange County Special Education Lawyer

I’m another California Lawyer, who happens to be friends with the lawyer who runs this site (props to the first wave reference). I run a boutique law office in Orange County, where we primarily focus on Special Education Law. As such, from time to time I’ll be adding information related to Special Education Law, and […]