Three ways to fight a false child abuse allegation

This will come as a sudden surprise. A quick text or phone call by your co-parent. You see that they are filing for an ex parte for emergency court orders. She is claiming that your child told the police that you hit him. You know it’s not true. Your child has been manipulated to lie […]

How to get your ex to pay for your divorce lawyer

Family Code Section 2030 Family Code Section 2030 is a law that lets your ex pay for your attorney durig the divorce. The purpose of this law is fairness so that both spouses can be represented by an attorney. Just because you cannot afford an attorney doesn’t mean you should be left out and hung […]

Family Code 3044

Family Code 3044 outlines the court’s power to not allow visitation to a parent who has been convicted of domestic violence. Rebuttable Presumption A presumption in basically an assumption that the court makes before hearing evidence. In simple terms, if you have a domestic violence conviction, the court is already going to assume that you […]

How to Win Sole Legal Custody in LA Family Law Courts

Sole legal custody means that you will have the “right and the responsibility to make the decisions relating to the health, education, and welfare of a child” according to CA Family Code Section 3006. This generally means decisions regarding where your child or children will go to school, who will be their pediatrician, and other […]

Cleaning up a California Criminal Record

As a California Criminal Defense Lawyer I get calls every day from people looking to clean up their criminal record.   Cleaning up a California criminal record can done for many reasons.   Most of the time the motivation to do something about an old criminal conviction in California comes from one of following factors: 1-Employment-Cleaning up […]

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