DUI electric Scooters in California

Driving under the influence is an unacceptable both socially and morally. It is commonly thought as only affecting vehicles but what about two wheelers such as bicycles and scooters? Different states have different laws and regulations concerning DUI electric scooters. For instance in California a number of statutes has been put into place since bikes […]

When Is Your License Suspended After a DUI?

According to California DUI laws, persons suspected of driving while inebriated have up to ten days within which they can request for a DMV (department of motor vehicle) hearing following their arrest. Once a DMV hearing has been requested, the suspected DUI offender automatically gets a temporary reprieve on the suspension. What this means is […]

Probation Violation in California

There are numerous ways in which probation can be violated. Here I will focus on drunk public, probation violation California laws. Probation violation does not necessarily have to involve facing charges or being convicted by a court of law but it is about breaking any law with the knowledge of his or her probation officer. […]

DUI Hospital Blood Test Privileges

We have all had nights where we drink to much alcohol and struggle with driving home or calling a cab. In every instance, the only logical and safe solution is to hail a cab or contact a friend to serve as your designated driver. It is important to remember that driving drunk can result in […]

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