Driving Suspended License California? Fix it Now

Driving Suspended License California VC 14601 Tickets, Warrants, Arrests, Impounds, driving without a license while looking in your rear view mirror constantly wondering when the next adventure comes.  Riding the bus, getting rides, insurance, registration problems, the whole deal.  It all comes from driving suspended license California.  How did you get here?   Well most […]

Breathalyzer in my car for California first time DUI offense?

CALIFORNIA FIRST TIME DUI OFFENSE Anbody seen Blind Date? You know, the 80’s comedy with Kim Bassinger, Bruce Willis, and John Larroquette?  The movie was way ahead of it’s time and didn’t do that well at the box, but it’s become a cult classic.  If you have seen it, there is a hilarious scene in […]