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Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest Post On Lost Traffic Ticket Los Angeles

Receiving a traffic ticket is bad enough. Misplacing it can lead to your life becoming even more stressful.
There is one thing you can take solace in. Lost traffic ticket Los Angeles citations can still be paid and the matter closed. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

Contacting the Los Angeles Traffic Court

When you have been issued a traffic citation by the police, all your further dealings will be with the court. Specifically, you will be dealing with the Superior Court. Do not attempt to contact the police department. They cannot help you since the fine is paid through the court system. To find out how to resolve, lost traffic ticket Los Angeles citations, you will need to visit the Los Angeles Superior Court information website and go to the traffic violations section. The court may be able to locate your traffic citation number for you based on your driver’s license number and name.

Specifically, visit to get help. At this site, you can access the California Courts Self-Help Center or you can take advantage of the Traffic Automated Phone Help. You will need to contract the courthouse that was printed on your ticket. Phone support is available Monday through Friday 5am – 10:30pm, Saturday 7am to 7pm and Sunday 7:30am to 7pm.

Leaving The Matter to a Qualified Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

Sometimes, it may be best to leave issues surrounding a lost traffic ticket Los Angeles citation to a qualified attorney. The attorney likely already knows the procedure required to deal with the situation. If you are already contemplating hiring an attorney to contest the ticket, then you might as well have the attorney handle the issue of a lost ticket for you. Christopher J McCann has significant legal experience in DUI and traffic law. His office may be able to help you if your LA or OC ticket is lost and the due date is approaching or past due. Otherwise he can help refer you to a qualified California lawyer that most likely was also featured on Flock Of Legals.

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