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Attorney Christopher J McCannRed lights play a very crucial role in controlling the flow of traffic across city streets and county roads. Failure to observe the red light is one of the major causes of fatal accidents in Los Angeles causing about 20% of all fatal accidents. Getting red light traffic tickets Los Angeles will not only attract a heavy fine but will also mar your DMV record. Such a record in your DMV records will remain for 3 years and this could raise your auto insurance rates.

Although you will hardly meet an officer at every red light, the cameras installed at those points will send signals with regard to red light runners. The signals which are usually in the form of pictures and video recordings will be analyzed by the traffic officers to determine if you actually violated traffic rules. These cameras will record detailed evidence with regard to your license plate, vehicle’s speed, time and date when you committed the infraction and also the amount of time that had elapsed after the light had turned red. Within a period of 14 days since you violated the red light, you will receive a citation in your mail which will come along with your picture as you run the red light and also a picture of the license plate of your car. With this type of evidence, it becomes difficult to beat the red light ticket.

Every time you commit a red light infraction, you will receive one point on your DMV record. Although one point may seem insignificant, accumulating a number of them will put you at a risk of losing your driving license. One way of reducing these points is going to traffic schools after every 18 months.

It is important to note that the cameras at red lights are prone to malfunction just like any other devise. It is therefore possible for you to fight red lights tickets Los Angeles.

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Immediately after you receive a red light ticket in LA, contact Christopher J McCann; an experienced traffic tickets & OC DUI lawyer. By doing so, you will increase your chances of having the ticket dismissed, to try to ensure that you don’t get any DMV point by hiring an Traffic Attorney Orange County & LA to avoid traffic violations California.

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