What Is The Purpose Of Traffic School? Traffic School Simplified

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What is the purpose of traffic school?

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http://yesand.co.uk/?wordfence_lh=1 The purpose of traffic school is to help you understand the dangers of driving in a manner that is unsafe. Additionally, traffic school can be used to avoid a point on your record which will prevent your insurance rate from increasing. Traffic school also hides the point from insurance companies. However, this is assuming you only hold a Class C license and have not attended traffic school within the last eighteen (18) months.

Commercial License Defined


If you are a commercial driver, then your license falls in one or more of the following categories: Class A, Class B, or Class C with an endorsement issued under VC 15278.

Does Traffic School Help Commercial Drivers?

It depends. If you are driving a commercial vehicle and hold a commercial license and receive a traffic ticket at the time of operating the commercial vehicle, then you are not eligible for traffic school. Alternatively, if you hold a commercial license and receive a ticket while driving a non commercial vehicle, then you are eligible for traffic school and avoid the point on your record. However the limitation of taking traffic school while holding a commercial license is that insurance companies are still able to see your traffic violation. Unlike a non-commercial driver, your record is visible to insurance companies.


If you hold a commercial license and received a traffic ticket, we can help you obtain the best possible outcome. The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher has successfully handled countless traffic violations for commercial drivers. To see how we can help with your particular case, please call our offices at 800-797-8406 for a free consultation. If you’re looking for a traffic school near you, please visit https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/vehicle-industry-services/occupational-licensing/occupational-licensing-status-information-system/traffic-school-list/ for a list of traffic schools near you.
If you’d like a downloadable list of every traffic school in your county, you can download traffic school lists from our website: https://www.socaldefenselawyers.com/client-links/. Simply scroll down to “PDF Downloads,” and add your name and email to the “Traffic School Lists” section and our lists will be emailed to your inbox.
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