Pay a Traffic Ticket, or Fight It?

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If you want to pay a traffic ticket you received in Southern California, you can Follow This Link to Learn How. But many California drivers pay a traffic ticket only because they aren’t aware of their options. Generally, you can pay a traffic ticket, or you can fight it, but there are nuances as well. Read on to learn more.

Can I Pay a Traffic Ticket Online?

Depending on which traffic court you end up in, your traffic ticket may be handled in one of several ways. Most courthouses allow you to pay a traffic ticket online, but if you have a failure to appear in court, you may lose this option of paying online. Particularly if you have a failure to appear warrant, a court appearance is mandatory. Fortunately, there are very good traffic ticket attorneys available to go to court on your behalf if your failure to appear in court on a traffic ticket has resulted in a warrant being issued. Often, an attorney can get the warrant recalled for you, without you even needing to go to court.

Should I Fight A Traffic Ticket, Rather Than Pay a Traffic Ticket?

If you want to just be done with the ticket and avoid any further hassle with it, you can simply Pay It. But often times, when you pay a traffic ticket, you are not getting the best results possible on your case. Especially if the traffic court has sent your case to collections agency GC Services LP.  Even if GC Services LP makes it easy for you to pay them, I would advise against it. I explain why on my website HERE.

Also, if you simply pay a traffic ticket rather than fight it, you are missing out on an opportunity to negotiate with the judge and negotiate with the officer at a traffic trial. Doing so can help your fines get dismissed, reduced, and prevent points from going onto your record. If you are uncomfortable speaking in court or don’t have the time or resources to go to court, speak to an experienced traffic attorney who can go in your place.

If you have any further questions about whether you should pay a traffic ticket, or fight it, you can reach attorney Paul J. Denni at 310-200-4519, by email at, or Visit His Website.


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