Parolee Drives Toyota Camry in Carmageddon Speed Chase in Southern California July 16, 2011

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order gabapentin online reddit This started out around 7:50 as a suspect DUI. It quickly turned into a high speed chase complete with helicopters, multiple police departments taking over the chase, and a circus of tweets over the internet. Not much is known about the people in the chase except for the fact that there were two people inside the car.  Initial reports were that the two people in the car were captive and hostage and other had it as siblings or boyfriend/girlfiriend.

illustratively There were also reports from police that the suspects were throwing out large amount of white stuff. It is also reported that the things that were thrown out of the car was recovered. How do you recover things that are thrown out of a car moving at a 100mph? Suspect could be a 3 strike candidate.,-double-toil-and-trouble-song-824614 The chase had speeds of up to 100mph.  It was covered by KCAL and their helicopters had to refuel in order to cover the chase.  This car obviously had a full tank as it went  thru the the following freeways 101S-10E-605S-60E-15S-15N-210E-210W-15S-10W-5S-60E-710S-105W-now 5 North. In case anyone is wondering, the car is a Camry. Perhaps Toyota will contact this guy for some endorsement deals because he was getting some really good mileage or at the very least put some money on his books. If you have been in a high speed chase or have any other vehicle problems, please contact any of our attorneys on this blog.

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