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character reference letter

I. What Are Character Reference Letters? In some instances, the outcome of a DUI case can be improved by gathering items that show you are actively addressing the issues that led to your DUI charge. Some of these items include character reference letters. So what are character reference letters and

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speeding ticket accumulate points, ticket, points

When does a speeding ticket accumulate points? You accumulate points when you are convicted of speeding unless you attend traffic school when eligible. What is a Conviction? A conviction can occur when you enter a guilty plea, are found guilty after a trial, or when

direct contact in domestic violence cases, domestic violence

Direct Contact in Domestic Violence Cases A domestic violence conviction requires that the victim’s injury be the result of the defendant’s direct contact. Injury resulting from indirect contact is not enough. There are some examples below. Injury Resulting From Direct Contact Jane and John are

dmv hearing, dui

Should You Submit A Brief For Your DMV Hearing? In this blog, I’ll be covering some of the pros and cons of submitting a brief for your DMV hearing. But first we should break down a few things. When is it Appropriate to Submit a

Ignition Interlock Devices, drunk driving

Do Ignition Interlock Devices Help Reduce Car Crashes? Drunk driving remains a huge problem in the United States. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that drunk driving deaths were at their lowest in 2019, the fact that such preventable tragedies still happen

Procedure of a DMV Hearing, DMV, DUI

What is the procedure of a DMV hearing? If you were arrested for a DUI and have a California driver’s license, then you will have a hearing with the DMV to determine if your license will be suspended. Here, I will cover the procedure of

What to Do After a Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault, California, Personal Injury

What To Do After a Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault in California? Every year, thousands of California residents experience car accidents. Some of these incidents occur due to completely unpredictable hazards, while others happen because of negligence. When a car accident happens, and

DUI Under 21, DUI

DUI Under 21: Introduction A frequently asked question we get regarding a DUI under 21 years of age has to do with chemical tests and subsequent consequences of driving privileges. The question is as follows: “If you are under the age of 21 and are

drug possession, consequences

Legal Consequences of Drug Possession While most individuals arrested for drug possession are apprehended by local enforcement, they can be charged with federal criminal charges. Drug possession is both a federal and state crime that can result in serious mandatory sentences. This is true even