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California is known to tourists for its exotic beauty and breathtaking landscapes. As such, there are frequent visits from travelers to this part of the country. While California proves to be synonymous to heaven for tourists, one should be informed of the California out of state DUI laws that govern the golden state. More emphasis needs to be placed on knowing the drunk driving laws of the state. Most of the people are under the impression that if they get a DUI while they are in other state, they can go back home after it and forget if it all ever happened. Sadly, the situation doesn’t go like that and there are strict penalties if you get an Out of state DUI in California.

The tourists travelling to California must know that anybody having a blood alcohol content above 0.8, might end up with a DUI in California. Also, California has strict regulations against under age drivers as well. Anyone below the age of 21 can be charged even for blood alcohol content level as low as 0.1. The consequences for this include suspension of the driving license. Also, if the driver has a very high body alcohol content of 0.15 and above, it is almost certain that the driver will be imposed with some really strict penalties. Once a person is convicted in California, it will be notified in to his\her state as well which will lead to a possible suspension of your driving license there as well.

Any person convicted for Out of state DUI in California immediately needs to consider hiring an experienced DUI attorney who is well versed in dealing with California out of state DUI laws. The attorney will not only help the person with advice but will also provide the utmost attention and care required to bail him or her out of the case. An Out of state DUI can have an adverse impact on your driving records and privileges. It becomes imperative that such cases should be handled by an experienced DUI attorney in California.

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