Orange County Bench Warrant lawyer Got Warrants? Avoid Jail

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Clear your warrants today with an Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer

Shahbazpur If you have warrants out in your name, you need to contact an Orange County Bench warrant lawyer immediately.   If you don’t take action to clear your warrant and you come in contact with the police for any reason, you will be taken directly to jail.  Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer  

How to check for Warrants in Orange County

Before you contact a Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer, you can confirm whether or not there are currently warrants in your name by doing an online search on the Orange County Sheriffs website.    Use this link to check now.   Be careful when doing a warrant check.  First, you need to enter the name EXACTLY as it appears on the warrant issued by the court.  So if there are multiple spellings, a maiden name, middle names, hyphenated names etc, the Orange County Sheriffs website will not return the warrant unless it matches perfectly.   Also remember that the Orange County Sheriffs website contains Orange County warrants only.  If your warrant was issued in Los Angeles or any other county, it will not appear in this database.   If you are unsure about the status of your warrant feel free to call me at 800-797-8406 or email me directly at

What will happen if the police find me while I have a warrant?

While there is never a  where do you buy clomid good time to be arrested, there are definitely some really bad times to be arrested.  If you warrant is served….

  • while you are driving a car, the car will be impounded and you will be taken to jail
  • while you are with your children, your children could be taken by social services
  • while you are in possession of drugs or other illegal items, you will be facing a new charge in addition to the warrant
  • while you are at work you may lose your job
  • while you are in front of your family or children you would suffer embarrassment or repercussions in family court

How to Clear your warrant with an Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer

If your warrant was issued by the Orange County traffic court  or the Orange County criminal court for an infraction or misdemeanor offense, you warrant can often be cleared in your absence by an Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer.  Under California Penal Code 977(a), your Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer can appear in court on your behalf to address the warrant.  In most cases your attorney can solve your problem quickly and help you resolve your case without the need to ever set foot in a courtroom.

If you warrant was issued by the Orange County Superior Court for a felony, you will need to personally appear in court with your Orange County Bench Warrant Lawyer.   At the time of your first appearance your Orange County Bench warrant lawyer can request for the warrant to be recalled and quashed.  If the Judge is convinced that your are not a flight risk and you do not present a danger to the community, you can could be released on your own recognizance.  If the Judge is not convinced, your lawyer may be able to get your bail reduced which will save you money when posting a bond.   If you need to appear on a felony case, speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney BEFORE going to court to discuss a plan to avoid jail.   Alternative sentencing, rehab programs, and pretrial release conditions can all be explored in order to achieve an OR release or a reasonable bail.   In certain cases it may be advisable to have a bail bondsmen appear with you and your Orange County bench warrant lawyer so that bail can be posted on the spot.


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