Medical Marijuana Laws in Orange County

Table of Contents Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest post by: Christopher J McCann, an OC possession of marijuana lawyer.

Kolkhozobod While it is not illegal to use medical marijuana in Orange County, the laws surrounding the use of medical marijuana is still hazy to most people. The use of medical marijuana was legalized in 1996 after the enactment into law of the compassionate act. The law was designed to enable doctors prescribe medical marijuana to patients suffering from chronic pain and other ailments such as HIV/AIDS. Nevertheless, there are certain guidelines that doctors and patients have to adhere to in order to avoid being prosecuted for possession and distribution of marijuana.

The following are a couple of things that you need to acquaint yourself with in respect to medical marijuana Orange County:

– Medical marijuana can be used in the treatment of medical disorders such as arthritis, autism and severe migraines.

– Only certified medical marijuana clinics are permitted by law to sell medical marijuana in Orange County.

– The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is the body that is responsible for administering and tracking the use of medical marijuana.

– The California Department of Public Health requires that patients obtain recommendations to use medical marijuana only from accredited and qualified physicians. Then again, not just any doctor can prescribe medical marijuana. He or she has to be approved by the CDPH.

– Medical marijuana clinics in Orange County are only allowed to sell for you medical marijuana only if you have medical marijuana card that has not only been issued by CDPH, but is valid. Medical marijuana cards are usually valid for a duration of 1 year, after which the patient can reapply for a new card.

– In order to apply for a medical marijuana card in Orange County, you need to obtain a written recommendation from a registered Orange County medical marijuana clinic or doctor.

– You can be arrested and prosecuted for possessing and using medical marijuana if you do not have a valid card.

Given that medical marijuana Orange County laws are quite hazy to most people, it is important seek the legal counsel of a drugs crime lawyer like Christopher J McCann if ever arrested for medical marijuana. About The Author:

Christopher J. McCann is a practicing Orange County DUI lawyers at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann, who Foso  was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm

If you need help with Orange County Medical Marijuana Laws, contact Mr. McCann an experienced Los Angeles Drug Attorney or Orange County drug possession lawyer for a free consultation.

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