Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Changes Impound Rules for Unlicensed Drivers

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thematically Attorney Daniel V CotaIn recent months, Los Angles Police Department (LAPD) Police Chief, Charlie Beck, has proposed a change in the way that LAPD officers impound vehicles from individuals cited for Driving a Motor Vehicle Without a Valid Driver’s License. For years, LAPD officers could impound a vehicle of an unlicensed driver and hold it for up to 30 days before the individual was able to retrieve the vehicle. This often resulted in a huge financial burden for the unlicensed driver and/or the registered owner of the vehicle. For example, such individuals could be forced to pay over $1000 in impound fees and related fines. Also, since they were unable to use the vehicle for those 30 days, many had a difficult time earning a living during this period if the vehicle in question was their only source of transportation, used to earn income, etc.

obtrusively This is all changed today, as the Los Angles Police Commission approved Chief Beck’s new plan to be more “lenient” on unlicensed drivers who have no previous convictions for unlicensed driving, have a valid identification, and who carry auto insurance. For these individuals, the registered owner of a vehicle that has just been impounded will now be able to retrieve the vehicle without having to wait the 30 days. Also, LAPD officers now have discretion on whether or not to impound a vehicle, if someone with a valid driver’s license is able to “immediately” drive the vehicle in question away.

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