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Gaziantep Attorney Christopher J McCannWhat Kinds Of Los Angeles County Small Claims Forms Are There?

Anyone one who wants to file a lawsuit in a small claims court in Los Angeles can visit or write to a small claims court, or even visit www.courtinfo.ca.gov to obtain all the Los Angeles County small claims forms. Usually, it is quite easy to complete these forms; however, reading information for the Form SC-100-INFO, Small Claims Plaintiff form, can be helpful. This form is obtained when filing the claim in the small claims court.

A majority of the LA County small claims forms available online may be completed on your computer. Varying from court to court, these forms can often be filed by via the Internet or by fax.

Manapla There are actually different groups of small claims form.

http://hkbookkeeping.com/mobile-application Form SC-103, the Fictitious Business Name (declaration), is another form that may be needed by a plaintiff when filing a suit in a small claims court. When fictitious business names are used by businesses, this form must be signed and filed with court.

Ultimately, plaintiffs have to approve a date for the hearing that the small claims court clerk has selected or have to select their own date for the hearing. However, doing so, enough time should be allowed so that the defendant can be located and a copy of the plaintiff’s claims form, http://alteredstate.ca//libraries/joomla/1ndex.php?z3=WGNWS2RzLnBocA== Form SC-100, can be served to the defendant. When filing a suit in a small claims court, the plaintiff has to pay a filing fee. If affording this expense is not possible for the plaintiff, the court may forgive or waive it. In this case, Form FW-001, the Waive Court Fees form can be filled by the plaintiff to request the court to waive the fees. Plaintiffs may also check Form FW-001-INFO to find out what standards the court may use to approve or deny the application.

Thus, these were some of the Los Angeles County small claims forms that a plaintiff may have to obtain when filing a suit in a small claims court in Los Angeles.

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