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Long Beach Traffic Court Lawyer

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If you have received a citation in the greater Long Beach area it may be time to retain the services of an experienced Long Beach traffic court lawyer.   Fines in California traffic courts seem to go up every year and it is not uncommon for the fines and penalty assessments in these cases to total over $1000.    In addition to high fines traffic tickets can also cause collateral damage as a result of points on your driving record for moving violations.  Other convictions can trigger loss of employment opportunities.  If you were involved in a traffic collision, your ticket could be used against you to establish liability if you pay the ticket or otherwise plead guilty or get convicted.   To play it safe, it’s always a good idea to consult with a Long Beach traffic court lawyer before you pay the fine or head into the Long Beach courthouse on your own.

I. Do I really need a Long Beach traffic court lawyer?

To determine if you should hire a Long Beach traffic court lawyer, ask yourself the following questions:


If you answered YES to any of the above questions its time to at least consult with a Long Beach traffic court lawyer before paying the fine or appearing in court on your own.  Tickets that fall into these categories can have severe consequences that go way beyond the price of the fine.   Talk to an experienced Long Beach traffic court lawyer as soon as possible to get a free consult before making any decisions.

II. Can I handle my ticket without a Long Beach traffic court lawyer?

Yes, you always have the right to represent yourself in court.   In most of the circumstances listed above, it might be a risky decision to represent yourself because the potential consequences of points, high fines, misdemeanor convictions, license suspensions and the like are fairly severe.  However, not every ticket falls into the categories above.

If your case is for a correctable violation, you can resolve your ticket on your own for a $25 proof of correction fee.   In order to accomplish this properly you must have the ticket signed off before the deadline AND submit the signed off ticket with the $25 fee per violation.   If you fix the correctable issue but fail to submit the proof and the $25 dismissal fee, your ticket will be processed as a failure to appear and the penalties will skyrocket.   A ticket that should have been $25 can end up costing you thousands if you miss the deadline.

Another example of a ticket that can be fixed easily without the assistance of a Long Beach traffic court lawyer is a ticket for a non moving violation.   If you are cited for a non moving violation you can simply pay the ticket and be done.  The only consequence in this situation is the cost of the fine.  If the cost of the fine is lower than the price of hiring a Long Beach traffic court lawyer, it doesn’t make much sense to hire a lawyer in this situation.   You could also go to court and fight this type of situation on your own.  If you win your trial you saved a few bucks.  If you lose, you pay the fine.   In situations like these, it really doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer from a cost benefit analysis.

A final example of  a ticket that you may want to resolve without the help of a Long Beach traffic court lawyer would be a citation for a simple moving violation if you are eligible for traffic school.  If you are a non commercial license holder, you are eligible to attend traffic school once every 18 months.   If you are eligible you simply pay the fine for the ticket, attend the school, and the point is not reported to the DMV or your insurance company.   For many people this is a cheaper option than retaining a Long Beach traffic court lawyer.   Other clients chose to hire a lawyer in this situation because they may want to fight the ticket in an effort to save the traffic school eligibility for the next ticket.

III. Consult with a Long Beach traffic court lawyer today

Whenever I have a potential client that falls into one of these categories I will give them my honest opinion and allow them to make their own decision.  If the benefits of hiring a Long Beach traffic court lawyer are substantial enough to outweigh the cost, I would rather have you make an informed decision and hire me on another case when you really need me.  If you would like a free consult about your traffic court scenario, give me a ring at 800-797-8406 or send me an email to attorneygallagher@gmail.com.  I’m happy to help you figure out your options and if you really do need to hire a Long Beach traffic court lawyer, I’m here to take the case.

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