If You Are Serving Probation Time In Riverside County, Don’t Trust the D.A. to Let You Off Early.

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Probation is a pain in the ass, especially if you are looking for a job.  Employers don’t like to hire employees who are on probation – especially because probation requirements can often get in the way of job requirements, but also simply because of the stigma attached to probation (i.e., you’ve broken the law).  The good news is that if you are serving probation time in Riverside County, you can terminate it early under certain circumstances.

If you have been a good boy or girl and have complied with the terms of your probation thus far, have completed more than half of your probation term, and have completed any classes that have been assigned as part of your sentencing, you may be eligible to amend your probation term (which includes terminating it altogether) under Penal Code section 1203.3.  That code section gives the court the power to grant an early termination of your probation, or a modification of your probation, within the court’s discretion.

Just today in fact, I argued a 1203.3 motion before the judge and won.  This woman would have had to serve an additional year of probation if we did nothing.  The D.A. opposed the motion and wanted her to serve the entire 36 months.  If we had not intervened on her behalf, she wouldn’t have a realistic opportunity at getting an interview for this job she really wants.  So the moral of the story is, don’t trust the D.A. to let you off of probation early.  Hire a criminal defense attorney instead.

If you’d like help getting an buy Lyrical dance costumes online early termination of probation, and/or getting an expungement of your charge, please call me at Stellenbosch 310-200-4519, email me at grievously paul.socaldefense@gmail.com, or tauntingly contact me on my website addressing these topics.

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