How to Represent Yourself in Torrance Criminal Court

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Torrance Criminal Court lawyerMany Torrance criminal defendants who do not want a court-appointed lawyer choose to represent themselves in criminal court. Whether the charge is a 1st-Time DUI or Murder, criminal defendants have decided to go-it-alone by researching the law and their respective defense themselves. Some of the “Pro-Per” defendants do an o.k. job representing themselves while other do not.

Saving money initially, could cost you more in the long run. Torrance prosecutors are much less inclined to negotiate with a pro per litigant versus an experienced attorney. For example, perhaps you have a ‘rising’ defense or a ‘calibration defense’ or a ‘Pitchess” motion, how will you know without seeing the police report? How will you know if you don’t have a clue on what these defenses are? Your entire may be dismissed or your fines can be reduced significantly reduced by thousands of dollars with an experienced Torrance criminal attorney.

Errol Cook, Esq. (Torrance Criminal Defense Lawyer)

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