How I Bribed a Cop to Pass a Field Sobriety Test to Avoid Getting Arrested for a DUI

Table of Contents Attorney Christopher J McCannThis guest post is about how a DUI attorney in Orange County bribed a cop to pass a field sobriety test to avoid getting arrested for a DUI.  Crazy right? Well read on to learn how a cop can help you pass a DUI field sobriety test.

buy cytotec without rx Crazy to think that an established DUI attorney in Orange County would bribe a police officer to risk jail time and/or a grand in penalty charges.  Well don’t let the headline fool yeah because that’s NOT the case. However this 10 year Chicago police officer veteran was selling his advice on how to avoid a DUI criminal arrest record.  As listed on Fiverr, a popular site that you can get request pretty much any bizarre task to be done for a measly $5 bucks.

Meet Officer Shawn:

Who will answer any question you ever wanted to ask a cop for $5

“Law enforcement is my passion. I am 32 years old and I have been a Chicago Police Officer for almost 10 years. I have seen and dealt with numerous situations. Domestic disturbances, fights, thefts, shootings, stabbings, you name it. Ever want to ask a question to a cop, but you were too shy? I’ll be happy to give you an honest answer. Fast service, usually under 24 hours!”

Now who really knows if “Officer Shawn” is real and would risk his own career to give out this advice publicly.  So I’ve got to put in a legal disclaimer to please consult a license DUI attorney and simple read this for entertainment value.

Nocera Inferiore DUI Question Asked:

Hello Officer Shawn,

Based on your 10 years of experience with the Chicago police force. Please share your general advice and related experience to my concern.

I’m afraid of a cop not following proper drunk driving testing procedure and that I may be wrongfully arrested for being over the limit of operating a vehicle from these field sobriety tests.

To help me prepare for ever getting pulled over by a cop for a potential DUI. What rights do I have and what should I look for in how an officer performs a field sobriety or chemical test to ensure its fairly correct?

Thanks for your detailed reply to address my concerns.

Officer Shawn’s DUI Answer:

Regarding DUI’s:

Your rights are the same, regardless of having been drinking or not. You must obey lawful police orders (surrender your license/insurance upon being asked, step out of the vehicle, etc). That being said, you can do the following.

I, along with many of my coworkers appreciate honesty. If you’ve only (seriously) had one drink, and maybe you are just nervous as hell talking to us, just say so. We HATE being lied to. If you are asked to perform field sobriety tests, remember the circumstances to use them to your advantage later. Maybe the street wasn’t completely level when I asked you to walk 10 steps and turn and walk back. Maybe you hurt your foot earlier in the day, making the task difficult. Perhaps you are having an adverse reaction to medication you are taking, making you drowsy. Get what I’m saying?

To avoid a DUI, know your limits before getting behind the wheel and don’t drink far from home. Also, try to garner sympathy if you are pulled over. Just tell the officer you are just trying to make it home safely. I’ve given more than one person an escort home when they weren’t far away. Google your state laws regarding DUI and DWI, know your legal limit. Purchasing your own mini breathalyzer online isn’t a bad idea either. I hope this has been of help to you. If you have any other questions please let me know. Positive feedback and likes on Fiverr are very much appreciated. Drive safe.

The advice is pretty down to earth whether it’s really a cop or not. However I always warn my clients to not say too much, as it may be held against you in the court of law. Of course co-operate but leverage your Miranda rights as needed.

neurontin 900 mg day About Guest Post Author:

Christopher J. McCann is a Newport Beach DUI Attorney. McCann is a practicing criminal defense lawyer Long Beach at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann who was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm or posts at Orange County DUI Lawyers Blog

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