How to Drop Domestic Violence Charges Part II

Table of Contents errol_cook,_esq2Many people involved in romantic relationships have no idea how easy it is for a minor verbal disagreement to evolve into a domestic violence case…especially young couples and couples from foreign countries.  Dropping Domestic Violence Charges can be especially difficult.  However, some prosecuting agencies may consider dropping charges even if you were arrested and ordered to appear in court if: (1) there is no injury, (2) there is no prior history of domestic violence and (3) the alleged victim makes the request and appears to have been equally invovled.

Sartell Domestic Violence & Young Adults – Many young adults are inexperienced in how to express their feelings with their significant other.  A verbal disagreement about where to go to dinner or who is obligated to pay a bill can quickly involved into a misdemeanor domestic violence charge (P.C. 243(e) (1)).  Any time a person involved in a dating relationship or former dating relationship engages an ‘unconsented to touching’ of the other person it may result in criminal charges.  This could be as minor as grabbing someone’s wrist or a minor shove.

Villajoyosa Domestic Violence & Immigrants – Immigrants may mistakingly believe that the laws of their country of origin apply in the United States.  This could not be further from the truth.  The United States has some of the strictest rules regarding domestic violence and otherwise non-criminal conduct in another country can result in serious criminal charges in the United States.



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