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Recently I was in traffic court for a client, as it happened it was one of my colleagues infinite number of cousins that he was asking me to take care of for him.

Thus I was headed into traffic court facing a 102 mph speeding charge with very little facts with one asked for goal, to avoid the 30 day license suspension.

But the lead (and only) attorney of X-Factor Defense http://ecksfactordefense.com/ isn’t to be daunted by a cop or judge who says “I don’t have the inclination or power to take off the suspension in exchange for a guilty plea so go find a DA.” (I did by the way. Took an hour and accomplished nothing but by God and Country I found one)

So the trial. My cop, pridefully, confidently, perhaps even arrogantly boasted that he had paced her. “Oh ho” says I to myself. “Tell me about pacing” I said to him.

Tell me of your margin of error when you eyeball whether you are gaining or losing a foot at over 100 mph. Tell me more about your superhuman feats of judgement, more accurate than any machine or other measurement known to man.

On cross and in closing I created enough reasonable doubt that the judge did not suspend the client’s license, creating a happy client and a very pissed off cop. In other words a very good day for a defense lawyer.

Doug A Ecks, Esq.

X Factor Defense


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