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Fullerton DUI Lawyer Mark A. Gallagher
Fullerton DUI lawyer Mark A Gallagher

Looking for the best Fullerton DUI lawyer?

http://wendykeithdesigns.co.uk/image-browser.do?item=78 I have been handling DUI cases in Fullerton for over 15 years.  If you do a search for Fullerton DUI lawyer online you will likely find hundreds of lawyers who claim to be locals at the Fullerton courthouse.  Some of these guys and gals haven’t set foot in the Fullerton courthouse in years.  Others come once or twice a year.  Even others will take Fullerton DUI cases, and then contact local lawyers to handle the work in court for them.  I call myself a Fullerton DUI lawyer because that’s exactly what I am.  I’m in the Fullerton courthouse almost every day handling actual DUI cases for real clients.   My office is walking distance to the courthouse and I know how to handle my client’s case from start to finish.  Whether you want to work the best possible deal or litigate every issue, I can help you get it done at the Fullerton courthouse.

When do you need a Fullerton DUI lawyer?

cytotec purchase overnight delivery Fullerton DUI cases range from simple first time DUI offenses to multiple offender cases, to complex cases involving injury or death.   As an experienced Fullerton DUI lawyer I also handle the DMV hearings that come along with each DUI case.   Many criminal lawyers will overlook the DMV case, but I have found that the DMV hearing is just as important as the criminal proceeding.   Protecting your license is an essential part of what I do.  And if the DMV rules against us, you need to know your options for appeal, as well as the steps to take to have your license reinstated.

Consult with a Fullerton DUI lawyer today

purchase neurontin If you are facing a DUI charge in Fullerton and you are considering retaining a Fullerton DUI lawyer, give me a call at 1-800-797-8406, email me at attorneygallagher@gmail.com, or come on by the office right next the Fullerton courthouse.  Consultations are always free and we can discuss your case in detail.  Once you understand the process, you can make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed on your case.

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