Fullerton Criminal Court What You Need to Know

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Fullerton Criminal Court What You Need to Know

The court of jurisdiction for the area of north Orange County is the Fullerton Criminal Court or the North Justice Center. This is the court available to the cities of Yorba Linda, Placentia, La Palma, La Habra, Cypress, Buena Park, Brea, and Fullerton. This is a secure facility that also handles small claims and civil cases for the cities of Stanton and Los Alamitos.

Basic Information

The Fullerton Criminal Courthouse is at 1275 N. Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, California 92831. Every person who comes into the courthouse will need to go through a standard screening machine. These are found at all courthouse and municipal buildings throughout the state. Anyone planning on taking a trip to the Fullerton Criminal Court will need to leave questionable items at home or in their vehicle. People with any specific questions can call 657-622-5600 for general information.

Court Appearances

A citation, an appearance letter from the District Attorney’s Office of Orange County, or bail bond needs to be received to have a court appearance. Any of these items will have a date listed for the individual to appear at the Fullerton Criminal Court. Clients of a defense attorney can also have an appearance date that has been previously scheduled. Individuals can contact the courthouse using the court’s online system, in person, or by phone. They need to provide a citation number or an OC pay number along with a driver’s license number, a license plate number, or their date of birth.

No Case Filed

People who appear on their scheduled court date may find there is no case filed by the court. This often means a complaint has been rejected, needs to be further reviewed, or there is a case backlog. Anybody in this position needs to verity their case status before leaving the courthouse. This can be done using various methods. Individuals can go to the Criminal Division’s Clerks Office on the first floor or find the Orange County District Attorney’s Office which is on the third floor.

Payments and Extension Requests

The clerk’s office is where individuals can go to seek an extension concerning citations or the completion of traffic school. There will be a onetime 45-day extension that can be granted and an additional extension of 30 days. This is available only if an individual has no failure to appear warrants that have been issued previously.

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