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http://americandreamwindow.com/casement-awning/ Everybody knows that lawyers never shut up and that lawyers always know a bunch of lawyers.    We started this blog to allow attorneys to blog about topics such as traffic law, criminal law, DUI, DMV problems, juvenile law, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, family law, personal injury, accident law, medical marijuana defense and more.

http://terrafirmarealestate.ca/RkwpDWQ This way all the lawyers can blab away to their hearts content and if you don’t want to hear it, you don’t read the blog. If you are interested in these topics stay tuned for fresh content from California lawyers, attorneys, and law firms.

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insipiently Criminal Defense FAQs 1. Can a defense lawyer represent a client if he wasn’t his lawyer during the first hearing? Absolutely. During a criminal case, the person being accused of

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http://coffeeandcodundee.co.uk/?gclid=1921292918 Ten Year Rule for Separate DUI Convictions As criminal defense attorneys, our hope is that any client with a DUI conviction only deals with a DUI once in their lifetime,

I. Out of State DUI Convictions Occasionally, we get a potential new client with a unique situation: They are facing their first DUI charge in California, however, they have prior