Felony Possession of Narcotics

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Have you or someone you know been arrested and/or charged under the Health and Safety Code 11350 for Felony Possession of Narcotics. If you have been and have done some research, you may discover that there are diversion programs that you may be eligible for that can result in a complete cleansing of these charges from your record. You may ask, “if I am eligible for a program, why should I hire an attorney?” At the Perlman Law Group, we make great efforts in trying to obtain dismissals first, without having to use one of your few statutorily available rights to diversion. In addition, we attempt to negotiate an informal diversion which is another way of avoiding the loss of one of your chances at the rights otherwise available to you through court monitored diversion.

A Felony conviction could result in a State Prison sentence or at best Formal Probation with a Felony on your record. In these economic times, it would be very difficult to obtain employment with a prison record or even with a felony conviction. For these and other reasons, it is very important that you have your case reviewed and fought by an attorney who will go the extra mile for their clients. At the Perlman Law Group, we take great pride in always taking our time and putting in additional hours in order to obtain the most optimal results for our clients. A Felony possession of narcotics charge is not something that should be taken lightly, even if diversion eligible. Any result outside of an official diversion can allow someone to be eligible for diversion on a later date, thereby potentially avoiding a felony on their record in the future.

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