Early Termination of California Probation

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Denni-7Early Termination of California Probation

You may want an early termination of probation in California to resolve your case because you are applying for a job and need to close all pending criminal charges. You may be wishing to travel out of state or out of the country, but your probation orders prevent you from doing so. Further, if you’d like an expungement of your criminal conviction but you’re still on probation, it will be necessary to terminate your probation before the court will grant your expungement.

What is California Probation?

Probation in California is given if you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense. You cannot be given probation for an infraction (an offense with punishment of something other than jail), such as a traffic ticket.

Probation can be formal or informal. Informal probation is usually given for less serious offenses, such as basic DUI charges, petty theft, and other misdemeanors. Informal probation normally means you won’t have to be tested for drugs, your house will not be randomly searched, and you won’t have to check in regularly with a probation officer. Formal probation is normally given for more serious misdemeanor offenses and felonies and usually involves more supervision from a probation officer (including drop-ins as well as scheduled appointments with your probation officer).

How Can I Get Early Termination of California Probation?

Whether you have been given formal or informal probation, you may be eligible for early termination of probation. Generally, you are eligible for early termination of probation if:

— you have complied with all other orders of the court (fines, classes, etc.)

— you have completed at least half of your probationary period, and

— you have no other pending criminal charges

Get Help With Early Termination of California Probation

Contact Attorney Paul Denni to get help with your early termination of probation in California. He can be reached by phone at 888-250-8450, by email at ExpungementHelp@gmail.com, or through his website.

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