Blow or Blood DUI Test: Your Guide To When You’re Required to Submit to a Test

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I. When Are You Required to Submit to a Blow or Blood DUI Test?

canadian generic cytotec no prescription Imagine being pulled over and asked to blow into a machine that determines if you have been drinking alcohol. You might be confused as to whether or not you are required to submit to such a test in order to avoid negative consequences. We discuss this topic below.

II. California Law

As part of a condition of having a CA license, you are required to submit to chemical testing for alcohol after lawfully arrested. What does this mean? In the event that you are pulled over and the officer has not arrested you, then chances are that you are not required to submit to any test and likely will not face any consequences. In contrast, after you are arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving and refuse a chemical test, then you will likely have your license suspended for refusing to submit to the test.

III. Consequences

Consequences for refusal to submit to a chemical test after being arrested for a DUI vary. The factor that determines the length of your suspension is if you have any previous DUI convictions within the last ten years.

IV. We Can Help

If you were recently arrested for a DUI and if you refused to submit to chemical testing, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with your case. The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher has over 20 years of experience and has handled countless DUI cases successfully. Call 800-797-8406 to schedule your free consultation today or visit for more information.

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