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Bedworth ceaselessly Guest post columnist: Christopher J McCann a criminal defense LA & Orange County lawyer. Read this guest post to learn about DUI school Los Angeles. 

Misoprostol without prescription A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can have many different outcomes. In the most severe of situations, a person may face jail time for repeat offenses. Others might see their license revoked or suspended. It should go without saying that all those that are in legal trouble in the state of California over DUI charges will want to procure representation from a qualified attorney. This way, the attorney can inform a client of what is required to complete the directives of the court. Among those common requirements will be mandatory enrollment in a DUI school Los Angeles program upon a DUI conviction.

Under California law, anyone that has been convicted of driving under the influence will be required to enroll in a DUI school within 21 days after a sentence has been handed down. Generally, when someone has been convicted and placed on probation, completion of DUI school is mandatory.

There are quite a few different DUI school Los Angeles programs that can be required. These programs will be based on the particulars of the case and the conviction. There are first time, second time and repeat offender programs. To complete the program, the driver must enroll in a qualified, state licensed program. Upon completion of the program, the driver must present proof to the court of such completion within the specified time period.

Here is a complete list of court approved DUI school Los Angeles programs from the State of California.


If the orders of the court are not complied with by the driver, serious repercussions could result. A bench warrant could be issued and probation could be revoked. In the case of the latter, this could mean jail time. To avoid such serious situations, it is best to seek representation from a qualified California DUI attorney. This way, all the necessary steps in the process can be complied with and no further legal troubles will arise.

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Christopher J. McCann is a DUI Lawyer in Riverside, CA. Mr. McCann is a practicing DUI lawyer in Aliso Viejo California at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann who can even help possible refer you to pro bono lawyers in Orange County CA. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm or posts at Orange County DUI Lawyers Blog

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