DUI Punishment: Orange County vs. L.A.

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http://goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk//plus/digg_ajax.php?id=1024e1024 DUI Arrests in L.A. versus Orange County
Being arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles County will generally have different consequences than being arrested in Orange County. Most individuals who are arrested for a DUI are very concerned about the terms and conditions of their probation, whether they will do jail time, whether they will be required to post bail, and whether they will have their license taken away. The simple answer will depend on what courthouse you are set to appear in. A DUI arrest that may plea bargain for house arrest in some L.A. county courthouses, including the Airport Courthouse, may plea bargain for an intensive DUI court or 9 months in county jail in Orange County. Additionally, each courthouse within each of the respective counties is unique. There is no uniform policy in sentencing as each case is different as the facts may vary from one arrest to the next.
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