DUI: 3 Tips on what to do when pulled over.

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What to do when pulled over for a DUI



Do not tell them what you had to drink.

buy ivermectin 12 mg It’s important that you do not stick your foot in your mouth when pulled over for DUI. Most people will mess themselves up and say they had two beers hours ago. This is one of the worst things you can do. This destroys your rising blood alcohol defense. The rising blood alcohol defense will turn into an inconsistent drinking pattern defense if you give them a drinking pattern that says you stopped 2 hours ago. This lets the experts predict what your blood alcohol is earlier at a time of driving. For example, if you tested at a .09 at 12 0 clock then you tested a .07 an hour later then this is really bad. The state will use retrograde extrapolation to say your BAC is higher.

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Field Sobriety Test

It’s important that you do not do the field sobriety test. The field sobriety test are designed for failure. Most people on an off day will not be able to do these test. In addition, when you are facing a situation where you have a police officer staring down at you then this makes the test a lot more difficult.  The officer has already made up his mind to arrest you for a DUI at this point. It is important that you do not do these test and give him the ammo he needs to hang you for your DUI.

Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test

A preliminary alcohol screening test BEFORE an arrest is also a field sobriety test for your DUI. These machines are different from evidential machines  They are not as accurate, but they can be used against you. The worst thing that can happen is the PAS machine will show a higher reading closer to the time of driving and lower an hour later.




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