What to do if you got a ticket in California for driving over 100 mph.

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If you got a ticket in California for speeding over 100 mph, you face greater consequences than if you were speeding at a rate under 100.  For starters, the judge can suspend your license for up to 30 days!  It’s not a mandatory suspension, but the judge has the discretion to do so.  He can suspend it for the full 30 days, a week, or not at all.

Further, if you’re convicted of driving over 100 in California, you will get http://davidpisarra.com/how-to-avoid-a-party-wall-agreement 2 points on your DMV record instead of the http://offsecnewbie.com/wp-comments-post.php 1 point that you would get if you were going under 100.  So even if this was your first ticket ever, you’re already well on your way to getting a suspension of your license for up to 6 months for becoming a negligent operator.

Another problem with traveling at a speed in excess of 100 is that you’ll be ineligible for traffic school (which would normally keep at least one point from going on your license).

So what can you do if you’re cited with driving over 100 mph?  Here are a list of potential options for you at your traffic trial, in order of preference:

1.   Ask the officer to dismiss your ticket.  It happens.  You may be in a situation where your ticket is old.  Sometimes the officer has no recollection of the ticket.  It’s worth it to ask because you may get it dismissed!  (I’ve gotten tickets dismissed like this, just for asking.)

2.  Ask the officer to amend your citation to a non-moving violation, and plead guilty to that.  The officer can amend your speeding citation to Vehicle Code (VC) 21710 or VC 38300, which are non-moving violations.  Agree to plead guilty to the ticket if he amends it for you.

3.  Ask the officer to amend your citation to a speed only 20 mph over the maximum speed limit, and plead guilty to that. Most courts in California won’t allow traffic school if you’re going more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

4.  Ask the officer to amend your citation to a speed of under 100 mph, and plead guilty to that. This way, you’ll only be facing 1 point on your DMV record instead of 2.  Even though you may not be eligible for traffic school (if the amended speed is more than 20 miles per hour over the posted limit) you’ll at least evade a potential 30-day suspension of your license.
If you’d like help fighting your traffic ticket, or if you’d like more information about it, feel free to email me at paul.socaldefense@gmail.com, call me at 310-200-4519, or contact me through my website.
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