Child Abuse Central Index Cases in California

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Ridgewood People are often confused as to what exactly the Child Abuse Central Index is, let alone what a CACI Grievance Hearing is.  Usually a person receives a letter in the mail from a local California County Welfare Services Agency which states that the agency has completed an investigation of alleged child abuse or neglect and determined that the allegations of abuse or neglect are either inconclusive or substantiated.  Also stated in that letter is that the finding was sent to the California Department of Justice and therefore your name will be included on the Child Abuse Central Index.  Usually contained within the notice is the name of the alleged victim(s), date and location of the alleged abuse, the specific act(s) of abuse or neglect and a referral number. In order to challenge your listing on the list, you must complete the Request for Grievance Hearing form and mail the form no later than 30 days from the date of the notice.  That will preserve your right to a hearing to contest the allegations. From there, your CACI Attorney can request a meeting to exchange evidence and witness lists and then prepare for the hearing.  This process might also require a court hearing to release the information of that child that was allegedly abused to the attorney for the client.

buy stromectol online Although the process for obtaining a Grievance Hearing to fight your listing on the Child Abuse Central Index takes some time, it’s important to fight your listing on the CACI list because it could affect your future including your future and your future employment.

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