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Osimo Chatsworth Traffic Court Attorney Mark A. GallagherChatsworth trafffic court used to be the model for how a Los Angeles County traffic court should operate.  For years I have sung the praises of Chatsworth traffic court.  Free parking, efficient and professional clerk’s, heck even the bathrooms are nice.  But oh the times they are changing.   With the recent closure of many traffic courts in the Los Angeles traffic ticket empire, the rules have changed for the worse in Chatsworth traffic court.  I am sitting in the clerks office writing this blog as we speak, so allow me to explain where things have gone very, very wrong.

Chatsworth Traffic Court is Going Downhill The first sign of trouble greeted me at the parking lot to Chatsworth traffic court .  2 employees staffing the gate!   Goodbye free parking, hello 5 bucks to park with no ins and outs and cash only!  What time does the band start?  Traffic Courts are supposed to serve the public not tax them just for showing up.  Plus paid parking at the court always leads to people parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood in an effort to save the 5 bucks.  This creates trash and parking problems for the residents nearby and now the courthouse in Chatsworth has gone from a source of civic pride to a problem for residents overnight. After paying my 5 bucks, I walked in to the clerks office to find out that the attorney window is gone.   GC services? Out to lunch till 130.  Regular traffic clerk window? MEGA line of angry people for two open windows.  Did I make a wrong turn and end up at Metro court?  Am I still in Van Nuys?  After seeing the mess, I figured, well I made the drive, paid the 5 to park, I might as well wait in the line and then see the judge to take care of this today.  That’s when I see the sign NO MORE WALKINS!

buy gabapentin online overnight The signs posted all over the Chatsworth traffic court now say this


Due to budgetary restrictions, “Walk in’s” will only be permitted if you meet the following criteria with written documentation

1-Two day holds from department F40 and F41

2-Out of town on future scheduled court date

3-Live more than 75 mils from Chatsworth Traffic Court

4-Will be in the hospital on your court date


6-Three IH holds

Goodbye convenience, hello hassle.   Chatsworth traffic court is now on par with the majority of Los Angeles County traffic courts which means wait in line for several hours to find out when to come back and wait in line for several hours.  If you have a suspended license, ticket in collections, warrant, or other traffic court problem from the San Fernando Valley, you may want to consider sending a LA traffic ticket lawyer to court on your behalf, that way I can stand in line for you while I blog, and you can get back to work.   Call me at 800-797-8406, or send me an email at   People love us on YELP because we save them time and money, two things you can never have enough of living in Los Angeles.  Check out our great reviews here

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