Can the police hold my car after a DUI arrest?

Table of Contents It happens hundreds of times every day throughout this country, someone is arrested for a DUI.  But what happens to the car?  In many instances the police will leave the car parked in the same spot where you were pulled over and simply lock the keys inside the car.  In other instances, the police will choose to impound the vehicle.  When the cops impound a car they must allow the driver to pick it up when he or she is released.  Are there ever occasions where the car will be held?  Yes, if the person has a suspended license the police can hold the car for up to 30 days.  According to one Torrance DUI Lawyer the police will often release the vehicle to a family member if the person has a valid license.  recently, the LAPD implemented a policy to avoid the confiscation of vehicles from non-licensed drivers who are mostly immigrants without the ability to obtain a CA license legally.

Taunggyi The other way the police can hold a car is if it is needed for evidence, such as is the case when a hit and run is part of the arrest.  Having a lawyer get involved early in the process will ensure the car is not held illegitimately or for an unreasonable period of time.  As  one local DUI Attorney in Torrance explains;  “the police will drag their feet forever when there is no lawyer pushing for a resolution”.  In these hit and run cases, the car can be released once the detective collects any evidence that may be needed for the investigation.  But as with anything else, if you do not push them they will not be in any hurry to let you pick up the vehicle.  This is very important when the storage fees  can easily be 50 bucks a day.

Stoke-on-Trent At the end of the day, the only time the cops should hold your car after a dui arrest is when some other crime other than the DUI is being investigated.

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