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buy ivermectin online How Can I Get a Civil Harassment Restraining Order in Los Angeles County? Or How Can I Fight a Civil Harassment Restraining Order in Los Angeles County?

Vanløse What is considered harassment?
Civil harassment is abuse, threats of abuse, stalking, sexual assault, or serious harassment by someone you have not dated and don’t have a close relationship with. Civil harassment restraining orders usually involve harassment by a neighbor, roommate, or a friend or acquaintance. Civil harassment restraining orders in Los Angeles County are used by people who don’t want to be harassed any further or fear future abuse or threats of abuse. If a civil harassment restraining order is granted, what does that mean?
A civil harassment restraining order can seriously limit the restrained party. That person can be restrained from contacting or coming near the other person. Also, that person may be ordered to turn in or sell their guns. And, any violation of a civil harassment restraining order could result in possible jail time.

How can I obtain a civil harassment restraining order in Los Angeles county?
There are certain documents that must be filed in a Los Angeles County courthouse in order to obtain a civil harassment restraining order. Those documents must include information about the restrained person including a description of that person. Also, it must include a declaration as to why the judge should grant a restraining order against that person. Once it’s filed, a hearing will be scheduled and a temporary restraining order may be given until the hearing is to take place. Then, at the hearing, the judge will review the petition for the civil harassment restraining order and any response filed by the restrained person. Your Los Angeles County civil harassment restraining order lawyer will be able to state your case at your hearing and should you hire one beforehand, also prepare the paperwork and file it on your behalf.

How do I fight against a civil harassment restraining order in Los Angeles County?
In order to fight a possible restraining order, that person must file a response stating why they think the restraining order should be denied. It’s always recommended to hire a civil harassment restraining order lawyer to fight any allegations and to prepare you for court.

It’s important when dealing with a civil harassment restraining order that you hire a aggressive and experienced restraining order attorney to handle your case. Civil harassment restraining order lawyer Michael S. Carrillo has handled countless civil harassment restraining orders and would fight hard either in seeking the order or in defending against it. Call us today for a free consultation. We will work hard for you. (626) 799-9379.

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