California DUI Sentencing Guidelines

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Attorney Christopher J McCannIf you are found guilty of a DUI offence in California, you’ll be subjected to the following sentencing guidelines;

phosphorescently 7 Rules to California DUI Sentencing Guidelines

purchase Lyrica in canada 1. The jail term may vary from 48 hours to 6 months depending on the seriousness. If you are under 21, you’ll get a 1 year license suspension.

buy modafinil online cheap 2. You can be fined a minimum of $ 390 to $ 1000. 3. Your license can be suspended for 6 months or even 10 months if the court orders a monthly treatment program. Note: the court may dis-allow issuance of the driving license if the defendant is deemed a public safety threat. The sentence apples for class A and B driving licenses.

4. A maximum $ 50 alcohol-abuse counseling and prevention-penalty assessment.

5. Considering the percentage of alcohol found in blood:

(a) if it’s less than 0. 20%, a drug education/counseling program which will take a minimum of 3 months is a must.

(b) if its 0.2% or more, a drug education/counseling program which will take a minimum of 9 months is a must.

6. The court may impound the car involved if you are the registered owner.

7. The court may require you to install a certified ignition-interlock device on your car.

For more details about DUI sentencing guidelines, liaise with a reputable local CA law firm.

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Christopher J. McCann is a Criminal Law Los Angeles Attorney. Mr. McCann is with the law offices of Christopher J.  Mr. McCann at 5220 Clark Avenue #347 Lakewood, CA 90712‎. If your facing a DUI Los Angeles First Offense, Chris can help you navigate these California DUI sentencing guidelines. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm

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