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Attorney Christopher J McCannWith blue lights blinking in the night and a siren blaring behind you, you look in the review mirror and see a police car behind you. Does this scene sound familiar? Whether it is for speeding, driving too closely, or failing to yield at a stop sign we have all been pulled over. However, if the reason you were stopped is because the officer suspects you have drinking and driving then you’ll want to pay close attention. Before reading on, just remember your best defense against a DUI is to not drink and drive. Before going out for a night of drinking with friends always pick a designated driver.

If you have been stopped for a DUI then you know an officer will often run a series of tests to determine whether or not you are under the influence of a controlled substance. One such test is to draw blood and test it for the blood alcohol level. If above a certain threshold then you will be deemed as driving under the influence. Although DUI blood testing is considered to be very reliable, its results are still subject to error. The most common California DUI blood test drugs defense are blood contamination, switched samples, and fermented blood. These errors can all lead to a DUI charge being dismissed. The best defense against a DUI charge is to hire a criminal attorney. A well-qualified lawyer will not only have years of experience in defending DUI cases, but also will have the necessary knowledge of California laws to defend your innocence. While a positive blood test may appear to be an admission of guilt it does not have to be if you are using an attorney.

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Therefore, the best California DUI blood test drugs defense is contact an attorney immediately. For a well-respected attorney in Orange County, Christopher J. McCann has the knowledge and experience to help defend your DUI charge.

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