California Driving Rules For Minors

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best website to buy isotretinoin Attorney Christopher J McCannWhat Are The California Driving Rules For Minors By Christopher J. McCann Criminal Defense Attorney

Šeškinė With children growing up in this fast paced world, it almost becomes happenstance that a minor will ask for a license to drive a car. Until a person becomes 18 years of age, there are stringent requirements that a person must undergo in order to receive a driving license.

The following outline will detail what is required in order to receive a provisional driving license in the State of California.
Minors between the ages of 15 1/2 and under 18 years old may apply for a provisional permit to drive a vehicle.
Requirements for driver education that can be completed in high school or an approved third party service will be needed.

They will need to be enrolled in a driver training program and then be able to pass the provisional permit test.
Once receiving the provisional permit, the minor is allowed to drive in the company of an adult licensed driver only. They may not drive unaccompanied nor drive alone.

Once the minor has reached 16 years of age, have had the permit for 6 months, completed all driving courses, along with 50 hours of practice driving with 10 of those hours at night will qualify the minor to take the actual driving test.

Once passing the driving test, then the license shall be granted as long as proof of insurance is shown to the DMV. The California driving rules for minors does not allow for any deviancy pertaining to the driving laws.

Most accidents happen in the age group of 18-24 years and utmost diligence must be maintained to avoid undesirable consequences.

If a minor breaks any part of the driving code in Orange County, Los Angeles or anywhere in California, then having the most experienced lawyer to lessen the penalties will be needed. About Guest Post Author: 

Christopher J. McCann is an Orange County DUI Lawyer in Huntington Beach & Criminal defense attorney that knows how to defend a person in court with the least repercussion possible. Without an attorney with a high caliber status and experience, the full impact of the law may be levied against the minor arrested.

For more information on California criminal laws, contact The Law Offices of Christopher J McCann at Christopher J. McCann has a great wealth of experience and blogs about things like California cell phone laws. His practice covers Orange County & Los Angeles, however he can help to refer you to a qualified lawyer across the Golden state of CA.  If your facing a teen criminal arrest in CA. Contact Chris McCann for assistance on California Teen Laws. You can follow his tweets at @CJM_Law_Firm

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