southwest justice center

Southwest Justice Center Riverside

Southwest Justice Center Riverside


The Southwest Justice Center in Riverside County California is located at 30755-D Auld Rd., Murrieta, CA 92563. Southwest Court handles DUIcriminal, unlawful detainer (eviction) and juvenile cases. The Southwest Justice center does not handle traditional traffic trials (infraction offenses leading to bench trial with an officer) but several “traffic” matters do lead to criminal filings.

Examples of traffic cases that are heard in the Southwest Justice Center include Driving on a Suspended license, Hit and Run, DUI, speed contests, exhibition of speed, and reckless driving. To get to the Southwest Justice Center you can take either the 15 or 215 freeway. The courthouse is located just east of the 215 near the intersection of the two freeways.

People sometimes refer to the Southwest Justice Center as the “Temecula court” which is really a mistake because there is a separate courthouse in Temecula and because Southwest Court is not even in the city of Temecula, it’s in Murrieta. Although if you are coming from LA, Orange County, or Riverside, the whole area of Temecula, Menifee, and Murrieta is commonly known as “Temecula.”


Free parking is available in front of the court building (north side) and in the rear (south side). There are 12 handicapped spaces in the lot – six are located in the north parking lot and six are located in the south parking lot. Individuals with vehicles displaying a handicapped placard or license plate may park in any space.

The parking lots are huge but so is Southwest Justice Center so at times the lot is full. When full, there is free parking along the street in front of the Southwest courthouse, and adventurous parkers will usually start to form their own lot in the various dirt lots that surround Southwest Court.

Additional Information

Anyone with an active warrant or facing a criminal case should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. If you are unable to hire your own lawyer you should request the court to appoint the public defender or other court appointed representation at your first appearance. Juvenile matters are also complex and families seeking to keep their child out of the system should consider locating a lawyer with experience in juvenile court.

If you’re facing a charge in Riverside County, it’s in your best interest to have an experience criminal defense attorney by your side. You can browse our lawyer’s listing to find the right attorney for your particular case!

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