Moreno Valley Courthouse

Moreno Valley Courthouse Riverside

Moreno Valley Courthouse Riverside


The Moreno Valley Court in Riverside County California is located at 13800 Heacock Street, Building D #201, Moreno Valley, CA, 92553. Moreno Valley traffic court handles traffic matters for all of Riverside County. Even if your ticket says you need to appear in Temecula, Indio, downtown Riverside, or Banning, you can appear on your traffic ticket in the Moreno Valley Traffic Court.

This courthouse also handles unlawful detainer (aka eviction) cases and small claims issues. The Moreno Valley Court is located just South of the 60 freeway in a business park. Don’t look for a building that looks like a courthouse or you will never find it. Just look for the office building with all the motorcycle cops parked out front and you are good to go.


Public parking is located adjacent to the court facility on the south, east, and west sides of the building. Individuals with vehicles displaying a handicapped placard or license plate may park in any space. Parking is usually not a problem at this courthouse and when the lot does fill up, free parking in nearby residential areas is readily available.

Additional Information

Since the Moreno Valley Courthouse is located in an office building, the layout is a little strange. The clerk’s office at the Moreno Valley Court is in one section of the building, and the actual courtrooms are located in another. MV1 handles the civil issues and MV2 handles the traffic calendar. The negative is that this means you will be waiting in line and going through security a total of 3 times when visiting this courthouse.

First you get through security for the clerk’s office, then you wait in line to find out which window to go to. At that point your case will be sent into court or you may get a future court date. Then you go wait in line for security at the courthouse. After your case is called, you go back to the clerk’s office, which means you wait in line again to get back in, and then wait in line to make your payment or enroll in traffic school, etc. If kind of feels like you are doing the hokey pokey.

Many people with a suspended drivers license can fix that problem by properly handling their tickets at the Moreno Valley Courthouse. An experienced traffic attorney will know how to make a walk-in appearance and have the holds pursuant to 40509.5 lifted the same day. Riverside county does not allow for reductions of the civil assessment under PC 1214.1 in court. All requests for a reduction of the civil assessment in Riverside county must be made by filing a written petition.

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