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Central Justice Center Santa Ana

Central Justice Center Santa Ana


where buy modafinil Central Justice Center Santa Ana is located at 700 Civic Center Blvd West in Santa Ana, California, 92701. The Central Justice Center Santa Ana handles criminaltraffic, and civil cases.  The Central Justice Center Santa Ana handles all varieties of civil matters including personal injury claims, family law matters, contract disputes, products liability, and more. The criminal division handles matters originating out of Santa Ana, Tustin, and Orange.

Shyamnagar Felony criminal matters are also heard here for cases originating anywhere within the county. All felony information’s, or post preliminary hearing matters, are set for arraignment in this courthouse. Many felony trials are also heard in this courthouse in what is known as “the tower”.  Before the merger of California Courts, this was the Superior Court for all of Orange County, and the outlying courts were deemed Municipal Courts.  After the merger all Orange County Courts are Superior Courts, but everybody knows Santa Ana is the big cheese.


Parking at the Central Justice Center Santa Ana can be a challenge. Free parking is very difficult to find and will certainly involve a lot of walking. Metered parking is available around the Central Justice Center Santa Ana, but this is always a gamble.  It’s always a challenge to guess how long you will be stuck in court.  Anyone who has been to court before can tell you that it can take hours just to talk to a court clerk or make a simple court appearance.

Parking at a meter could just result in another ticket, or you can play the game of running out to feed the meter every hour and hoping your case doesn’t get called while you are feeding the meter!  The best option is to just face the facts and pay for parking.  There are private lots as well as lots owned by the county surrounding the courthouse. Parking for a half day should run about $5, and a full day parking is about $10.

Additional Information

Most criminal cases at Central Justice Center Santa Ana are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney, although some misdemeanor crimes are handled by local city attorney’s.  If you end up in custody on a case originating from the Newport Beach court you will be in the care of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  Orange County has a reputation throughout Southern California as the only place where you actually have to serve your full jail time.

This is because neighboring counties like LA, Riverside, and San Bernardino all suffer from a lack of jail space.  In those counties early release is the rule.  In OC, you get sentenced, you serve your time. Inmates are of course eligible for good time work time credit under California Penal Code 4019, but that’s it.  Anyone facing a criminal case in Orange County should contact a local attorney, with experience handling Orange County cases.

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