Norwalk Courthouse Los Angeles

Norwalk Courthouse Los Angeles


The Norwalk Courthouse is located at 12720 Norwalk Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650.   Norwalk court handles DUI, traffic and criminal law matters.   The Norwalk courthouse is actually one of the busiest courthouses in the County of Los Angeles.   Norwalk court is what was once known as a superior court.   After the merger in the late 1990s all California are “Superior” courts, but in practice everyone still knows which courts are municipal courts or “munis” and which courts are superior courts.  For example, if you have a felony case in Whittier or Bellflower and you proceed to jury trial, your trial will likely be held in Norwalk.  The reason for this is that Norwalk in the Superior Court for the Southeast District.   Could they hear your felony trial in Whittier? Yes.  But will they?  Probably not.   Enjoy your bus ride to Norwalk,    And while the Norwalk court may be at the top of the food chain for LA County’s Southeast District, inside the court it’s county business as usual.   Our slow, inefficient system of justice for alleged criminal and traffic offenders churns along at a snails pace.


General parking is available for a free in the Norwalk parking structure located east of the courthouse, off Civil Center Drive. You can enter the parking structure from Avenida Manuel Salinas.

Additional Information

The clerk at the Norwalk courthouse is notoriously busy.   Lines can be upwards of an hour most days of the week.   The clerk’s office in Norwalk includes both the court clerks as well as the dreaded collection agency of GC Services for those unfortunate enough to have a failure to appear or FTA which may be holding or suspending your California Drivers License or even an out of state license.    For many people, the visit to the courthouse starts with waiting over an hour in line, only to be told when your reach the clerk that you actually need to go the window outside to deal with GC Services.   The clerk for the criminal clerk is only slightly more efficient.   Most days the criminal clerk’s office will have a good line going and only one or two windows open.

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When contacting the Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher, we ask you for your D.O.B. and DL# to look up your traffic violation(s) information. With this information, we’ll be able to give you accurate details about your case and how we’re able to help you when we contact you.